What we Do

Since October 2003 we have focused our efforts by collaborating in Orthopaedic Surgery with the Fundación Vicente Ferrer (FVF-RDT) in Anantapur (India).

During the first seven years we have mainly performed surgical procedures in soft tissues to reduce the risk of infection, with satisfactory results and without major complications.

From the year 2010 more complex surgical procedures are performed such as amputations, osteotomies of bones, tendinous transposition, large debridement by osteomyelitis and osteosynthesis of the fractures of the upper and lower limbs.

Below is a summary of our achievements until December 2012:

- 6068 patients visited
- 1511 patients operated on
- 985 patients on a waiting list.

Associació de Cirurgians Ortopèdics Voluntaris

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